While working in France, I reached a point at which I felt compelled to seek out new influences and inspirations.  In 1996, I moved to New York City, and it made me want to forget everything I knew about art and start over.  My previous work in France was mostly on large canvases and consisted of an accumulation of actions, layering colors with differently-sized brushes, stroke-over-stroke until the moment the image was right. I felt the energy of New York City and was inspired by its diversity, its complexity and the sprawl of its urban landscape. I felt nurtured by this energy and began to create art with a new intention. I made art by building, or piling, opposite forms such as a vertical line over a horizontal line – over and over with different colors and brushes on limited paper size to control myself. Through my daily practice, I produced thousands of drawings that expressed a building up of these opposite actions and tensions.


I continue to work on canvas, wood, paper and Plexiglas. I build images systematically on flat surfaces, using very precise forms and colors of different weights which are placed together to create a perfect, yet precarious, balance. I enjoy exploring new materials and working with color and form, using rigid lines to playfully create three-dimensional effects on a flat surface. I like the challenge of making art.   


My current work, the “Crush” series, was developed from a wall drawing using black tape while I was in a residency at Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT in 2017.  I lined up pentagonal and hexagonal shapes to create a playful abstract form. When I got back to my studio, I continued to work the same concept on small found wood pieces. I then transformed this body of work into an adhesive print for New York City's Bliss Plaza mural installation as part of the DOT Art program. I also created paintings on pentagonal shaped wood panels for a permanent installation at Barack H. Obama Magnet University School, New Haven, CT. I enjoy seeing one work lead to another.   

The “Crush” series on paper consists of cut acrylic painted paper that plays with forms, colors, building up shapes to create a visual language that projects its own balance.   









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